Cancun Gymnastics Invitational March 1st - 3rd, 2024

Hard Rock Riviera Maya

The 2024 Cancun Invitational Resort

Hard Rock Riviera Maya

There is no possible way to accurately describe how devastated I am to pass on the following information. We have just recently been informed that Hard Rock, the resort and venue for the Cancun Invitational, will no longer permit us to host the 2024 Cancun Invite. After an extended period of intense discussion with the company, Hard Rock has determined that our group of registered clubs and families is not sufficiently large enough to justify running the event as planned, and we, as the host club, would need to pay an exorbitant penalty to proceed with the competition. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources available to meet their demands.

Given the situation, we will be taking the unfortunate step of cancelling the 2024 event. We realize there will be many families and athletes that will be saddened by this information, and from our end we cannot apologize enough, but the resort has provided us with no other possible path.

Although we cannot proceed with the event, we want to reassure everyone that we will be refunding all clubs and families for the full cost of their entries and reservations. This refund process will take us up to 30 days, as our credit card processor will only permit so many refunds per day.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have. Parents are welcome to reach out to us via email if they have any concerns ( We do ask families to be patient and allow us the 30 days to refund all affected parties.

Again, I profusely apologize for the situation, but please understand that cancelling was a last resort decision out of our control. I completely understand how this negatively affects so many.

Joseph Newport
Cancun Invite